Tips to Rock Your Next Sales Call or Presentation

We all likely agree that closing a sale is exhilarating and exciting but it’s important to carefully consider the steps that brought you to that moment like the time invested in sales calls and even sales presentations.

Here are some of our common-sense tips to help you Rock your Next Sales Call:

Rock Star Sales Strategies and what it takes to become an effective closer:

1. Make sure you are on time and always arrive prepared.

Being late happens to the best of us and is sometimes unavoidable but showing up unprepared for a sales call or presentation can cost you the deal. It sends an unintended signal that your time is more valuable than your customers. And the last thing you want is to appear as though you don’t care about your customers time. Showing up prepared, and on time, shows that you are serious about the opportunity, serious about the value you offer and respectful of the customers time. This is always the right way to start off a sales call or presentation.

Rock Your Next Sales Call

2. Talk less, listen more.

The temptation to start a sales call or presentation with your perfected pitch is an urgement that a salesperson must fight. Next time, talk less and listen more! Try to understand your client and their needs and find out exactly what your customer is looking for by asking questions and listening. If your voice is the only one you hear then it’s time to stop talking and listen!

3. Lean positive over negative every time.

What you say about your competition, says more about you then it does about them. Instead of tearing down the competition, even if you are tempted, remember that your words are important! Your goal is to show your customer what you can do for them, not what your competition can’t. Have faith that your solution holds value on its own, without belittling the competition.

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